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The last thing to do is to put the ” Single Button Controls all your Status Bar Buttons and Options ” it in a comfortable place like the Quick Access Toolbar, A Tool Palette or Both. I prefer it over touching my Ribbons and panels for some reasons I won’t be referring to at this time.

We want to take care of a bunch of settings, turning on and off some selection that suit us best. In other words, we want to create a button that is a ” Single Button Controls all your Status Bar Buttons and Options “.

Single Button Controls all
1 click and you’re done!



After setting up my preferences, I found out that their names are not necessarily the Status Bar Icon Names and hereby attached is what would be my new command in AutoCAD:

^C^CGridmode 0 Snapmode 1 snap 0.5 Dynmode 1 Osmode 1271 Autosnap 63 Polarang 15 Selectioncycling 2 Annoallvisible 0 Annoautoscale -4 Annomonitor 2 qpmode 1


I’ll give you a tour on each but of course if your preferences are different, you can change them as you like:

I don’t like the Grid to Appear so After getting rid of any current command ^C^C – is like pressing Escape twice

I write, Gridmode 0 – The space means Enter in the Macro Syntax.

Then, Snapmode 1 and snap 0.5 Meaning Turn on the Snap and set the snap spacing to 0.5 units

Dynmode 1 will turn on the Dynamic Input on – I like it for many reasons – the 1st is that it FREES you totally of “@” Use

Osmode 1271 This Turns on the following Osnaps: Endpoint, Midpoint, Center, Geometric Center, Quadrant, Intersection, Insertion & Perpendicular

Autosnap 63 will give my preferred Object Snap Tracking Options

Polarang 15 – Will show a guideline every 15 degrees

Selectioncycling 2 – Both a badge and the selection cycling dialog box will dusplay

Annoallvisible 0 – Will display Annotative Features at the current scale only

Annoautoscale -4 – By being negative, it won’t work (won’t add annotation scale automatically when moving to anothe annotation scale- The 4 Value “Adds the newly set annotation scale to all annotative objects that support the current scale.

Annomonitor 2 – Turns it on so any disassociated annotation (dimension, multileader) that is not fully associative will be marked by an exclamation mark

Qpmode 1 – Turns on the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects when they are selected in the drawing area

Single Button Controls all your Status Bar Buttons and Options – The Video

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