AutoCAD Reversing Polylines - Cool Feature
Reversing Polylines – Where to Find It

Polylines are the Best-Practice of Geometry. Period.
AutoCAD Reversing Polylines is a very COOL option.
Follow me and You’ll find out why (There 2 Parts for this Video, the second, is placed as a Card In YouTube – Click on the “i” at the top-right of the video) . Almost never use Lines & Arcs.

Years ago, before the Midpoint Grips and other Polyline Grip (COOL) Features as Add/Remove Vertex, Convert to Arc/Line, etc.,…
…It was a bit Frustrating to Manage Polylines, Using the Edit Vertex, Insert Vertex and what not.

AutoCAD Reversing Polylines …

…is the NEWEST evolution of the Polyline Cool Options.
The Principle is easy, by Reversing Polylines, any Polyline Vertex is usable in all cases – especially when you are there for adding vertices without touching the original Polyline.
Maybe it is dictated by something related to the Polyline…

In this Video, I’ll show 2 or 3 cases in which it’s worth it to keep the original Polyline. You’ll be editing by Adding/Removing Vertices, or filleting to a second Polyline.

It’s crucial to select the right 1st Polyline  – It’s The one the Block is “attached” to.

When a Block with Attributes within it  – that are dynamically quoting some values about it
(like AREA &/or PERIMETER, ELEVATION or else).

What does it mean, Reversing Polylines?

Simply and Literally, AutoCAD would change and reverse the Polyline Sequence so the 1st Vertex becomes last and the last becomes first.

Why is it so useful?

If you get convinced 1st and later get accustomed to the use of Polylines, You’ll find the Add Vertex very appealing. But in some cases, you’ll find it impossible to easily add a Vertex. To avoid any headaches, reverse it, and keep up the good work!

Midpoint Grip – Convert to ARC

Any Midpoint Grip offers Convert to Arc/Convert to line, according to the option selected. In this Short Video You’ll find out How Useful this can be…



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