Launching Annual Subscription 1 CAD-BOX PRO

$600.00 $350.00

TIPS, Contextual Files, Quarterly 30 minutes 1:1, Monthly Webinar, Contextual Tech Support & Wish List



CAD-BOX PRO Includes:

  • 3-5 Weekly Original AutoCAD Tips (Read & Watch) – Directly to Your (e)Mailbox
  • Annual Access to up-to-10 Contextual Downloads (like Tool Palettes, Content Files, Templates, Macros, etc.) –
    Video Guidance Attached
  • Quarterly 30 minutes 1:1 on a pre-scheduled Online Session
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Tech Support in the Downloads Context (Via mail, Remote Access, Video Response, etc.)
  • Subscribers’ Wish List – Through which you can influence on the contents, Tutorials, downloads, etc.