IT’S ALL ABOUT CAD STANDARD(S) – AutoCAD Online Master Class Whole Series (3 Classes)


A Series of 3 AutoCAD Online Master Classes:

Mastering CAD Standard Compliance, Automation & Productivity

by the CAD Standard Modern Approach – Built-In Standard Environment

for the Experienced User who wants to be A POWER_USER


The CAD Standard Master Class was built to help you change the way you and your peers work in the AutoCAD Environment, Carefully Distilling Exactly The CAD Knowledge You Need.

Here is the Framework:

Master Class Duration: 90-100 Minutes
Cloud-based Workflow Accessible 24/7/365 with Video & Document Links
Handouts: Ready To Customize Generic Files for easy Implementation
MASTER Class Contextual TECH Support (Via e Mail) for the 10 following days.

  1. BUILT-IN CAD Standards Through Tool Palettes (1/3):
    Best CAD Standard Compliance Practice Ever !!!
    Create a Standard Environment that will create Standard DATA by Default – No need to write any code!
    Learn to MAP your Workflows & Processes, Learn to Quickly Design Tools, Create Tool Palettes according to MAPPED Workflows, Testing, Debugging and Documenting Your Tools, Smartly Distribute ( & Re-Distribute) Your Palettes Across The Local Network
  2. Automation Through SOPHISTICATED Templates (2/3):
    5-6 Template Files Including:
    Layers, Settings & Styles | Layouts & Page Setups + Title Blocks | Sheet Creation Template + Overrides | Sheet Set Template(s) | Data Extraction Templates –
    All Those will EASE Automation Shortening Various Processes
  3. Project Mgmt. Through Sheet Sets (3/3):
    Standardize Your Output, Automate Sheet Creation, Auto-magically fill up your Title-Blocks, Plot-Publish-eTransmit-Archive through Global Set &/or Subset Manipulations, Create Complex & Dynamic
    Sheet-List- Tables in Seconds, Easily Navigate Through Sheets & Reference Files, Automatic Titles, Scales and View #s, and more…