CAD Standard by Creation of a Standard Environment


Why work hard to create CAD Standard compliant contents?

Get familiar with the standard environment which will let you create standard data in the 1st place. Managed and Controlled environments are better, stronger and faster than any alternatives that will cost time, effort and won’t necessarily switch you contents to be compliant



The best & most modern approach to CAD Standards is to Build-In the CAD Standard directly Into the AutoCAD environment.

Let me introduce you to my approach to standard environments in the CAD Standard Context:

“A-no-need-to-program-out-of-the-box environment to create standard data in the 1st place with no need of any additional actions whatsoever, no need of CAD Standard Enforcement and/or monitoring.”

Let’s have a look at the CAD Standard Definition:

“A CAD Standard is a managed organizational Template-Based collection of CAD Regulations that needs to be documented, monitored and enforced to be compliant with all the organizational and/ or Specific Project(s) Standards”
A Proper CAD Standard deals with Mandatory Conventions on

Layers: Names and descriptions, Colors, Linewidths, Linetypes, etc.

Styles: Annotations of all kinds including dimensions, Tables, etc.

Blocks: Static & Dynamic, Layered, Nested, etc.

Terminology: Files, Named Views, Blocks and other contents, etc.

Symbology: Scalable & non-scalable,

Sheets, Reference Files and Optional Best Practice Conventions on Workflows & Procedures.

The Classic CAD Standard Approach is all about documenting, monitoring and enforcing.

My modern approach – on the other hand – is about A Standard Environment which is the Reflection of the CAD Standard as a Built-In Tool-Set.

The Modern CAD Standard Compliant Environment includes:

  • One (or Several) Disciplinary set of Tool Palettes including all the managed Standard contents & features
  • One (to several)  complete Template files set(s)
  • A Customized Quick Access Toolbar
  • A set of CUI (Custom User Interface) based procedures
  • Several Action Recorder Macros for Repetitive procedures with built-in data entry Pause options


Finally, you’ll have instant access to knowledge & Know-how of the complete Standard Environment by an Indexed Video on Demand Knowledge Base which will assist you getting to the specific frame @ the specific Video.

All that is supported by your Cloud-based workflows.


CAD STANDARDClick to download