MMM… Multileaders …Till a few years ago, we had dimensions and leaders. Since Version 201X, we have a new kind of object: Multileaders…

Multileaders, the known, the unknown and the surprising I:

Multileaders, have some functionality which was lacking in the good-old leaders: Now you can Add Leaders to an Annotation creating Multiple Leaders pointing at Similar Cases in which we’ll be using the same annotation. Since sometimes, many of use leaders with no annotation (just for pointing) the Multileader structure offer 3 different annotation options:

those are all Multileaders

  1. Leader Only with no Annotation Whatsoever
  2. Leader + MText (mostly used)
  3. Leader + Block – This is a no brainer best prctice! A specific block containing one or more attribute definitions il let you point at something to be referenced like a detail @ a certain Sheet, for instance.

Multileaders, the known, the unknown and the surprising II:

When the Multileaders were 1st released, I had some preliminary knowledge on those and I have been experimenting for some time the surprising combination between Multileaders Use from within Tool Palettes: Most AutoCAD features dragged into a palette will offer a managed feature to create a new object. Mulileaders behave much better: Not the feature is to be activatated but the object will be inserted  into any DWG, and as a Block, it will be “inserted” at a specific layer (create it if missing). Of Course, as a managed object, its properties are governed by the Multileader style in use.  The wonder is that unlike the case of the block, which must be saved within a source file, this magic is saved in the Tool Palette!


Multileaders, think about it:

Annotating withot typing, just locate an annotation and drag into your drawing, totally forgetting the style, the layer and the contents. If you need to, you can edit the contents in the MText Environment. Furthermore, the Multileaders can be placed in the palettes in different places and contexts. Even if you type 60 words/minute or more, there is no replacement to Data-Re-Use especially if it is managed.

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