DESIGN BUSINESS: A Democracy VS. A Dictatorship

Around the Conference Room Table, this morning, we were 6, discussing the next generation of CAD Standards. Suddenly – out of the blue – we noticed that different designers are using different design software versions (of the same product).

DESIGN BUSINESS: A Democracy VS. A Dictatorship
DESIGN BUSINESS: A Democracy OR A Dictatorship, What’s best for business?


I guess I got many points from the guy who decided to move on – at the end of the meeting, he escorted me to the desk and ordered the secretary to set up 2 meetings with 2 design leaders.

DESIGN BUSINESS: A Democracy VS. A Dictatorship I

The Lady responsible for QA said that they are actually working in total compliance with a CAD Standard for the last 15-20 years. As far as she’s concerned, this is OK with her…Mmmm…more points for me at the CEO’s?, Yeah, definitely, I just asked her: “If I Keep it CAD STANDARD Compliant and save you 1 minute each time your designers create 1 object, would you seriously consider buying my solution?”

DESIGN BUSINESS: A Democracy VS. A Dictatorship II

A proper operation should have a common infrastructure with some disciplinary differences but it should always reflect the following:

  1. Whether an experienced CAD Operator or a Novice one, whether a veteran or a new employee should become operational in “no-time”.
  2. New tools (replacing commands + settings & properties) should be supplied with their respective Knowledge-On-Demand shortest and most explicit  accessible videos
  3.  Tools and Tool Palettes must be FUN & FUNctional according to the Design Workflows. The Fun replaces the need for monitoring & enforcement old-school-methods
  4. Automation should be used and implemented in every possible part of the workflow(s).
  5. The only justification and the ENDS (That Justifies the Means) of all this new approach is saving on resources

How about Your DESIGN BUSINESS, is it a Democracy or, a CAD Standard Compliant DICTATORSHIP?

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