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Who is Danny Korem?

CAD & BIM specialist | Autodesk Expert Elite CAD Consultant

3 Decades of CAD experience in different environments and design disciplines, Product Management in the Autodesk Distribution Channel, CAD management, CAD Standards development including built-in-Software-Environment solutions both generic and specific all aiming Productivity Boosts Through Automation, CAD Standards and Documented–Managed Best Practices Procedures.

Blogger & content creator in the fields of CAD & BIM Environments, Contextual Audio-Visual contents, Video publishing, Webinars conduction, etc.

Why Danny Korem?

Why me? Because I believe you are unique: I truly believe you deserve the Shortest and yet the Best Learning Curve Money can buy. Actually, you get only the knowledge you need to get the results you want.

I’m sure I can deliver all these, a knowledge program designed especially for you. I’m so sure that I offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranty. You have just to decide when and where.

What and How?

It’s my belief that a great knowledge program will always consist in all the following:

  • Live-Hands-on-Online Sessions
  • Indexed recordings of the Sessions
  • Contextual downloads
  • An eBook (mostly Video) with alternative explanations
  • A program workflow framework
  • Tech support in the topics’ contexts

Didactic quality forces me to present a 3-4 times a week modular program with non-dictated chronological order. You have full freedom to select specific sessions or entire modules. You can select the modules you need or opt for a full program…

Here are some of the modules for AutoCAD Users with a certain level of experience:

  • Project Management by Sheet Set(s)
  • CAD Standard by Creation of a Standard Environment
  • Best Annotation Features Practices in AutoCAD
  • The Fast and The Furious AutoCAD – by Parametric Features
  • How to deal with External Data and survive