Why a series of 3 AutoCAD Online Master Classes ? Maybe because that’s exactly what I am here for. CAD Standards, CAD Knowledge distilling, productivity, automation and what not.
Covering most of the Topics needed to create a Modern and Effective CAD Standard in 4.5-5 hours?
Have You lost Your MIND, or WHAT? I asked myself this morning in front of the mirror while brushing my teeth…

Maybe because I love doing it and maybe because this is what I do best. Perhaps because I just love Syllabus Design. Probably since being an adrenaline addict, I love live sessions over the Web: Webinar conducting, Tech Support in a very specific context, love the preparations, enjoy very much video editing and I wish I could do this only, just the tasks I like…

It’s getting late and I’m pretty much amazed of all the tasks I managed to complete today, getting ready to share and I guess this is the result of endless drive and a huge dose of enthusiasm.

Who for?

Experienced CAD Users who want to become Power-Users, who understand the importance of CAD Standards and are ready to make a paradigm shift.


  1. Template Files, of course – Without a robust series of those, you can’t start the shift. Startup, Layers, File Settings and Standard Styles of all kinds, Layouts with Predefined and Named Page Setups and Title-Blocks, Sheet Creation Templates and Sheet Set Templates, Data Extraction Templates, etc.
  2. Tool Palettes – Those will empower you to start creating “managed” data – Not Just Block Libraries but any feature you could imagine Internal or External
  3. Sheet Sets – Finally your Project will be managed from a Central Control Spot automating most plotting/publishing/eTransmiting/Archiving tasks.

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All the Details are…Right Here

A series of 3 AutoCAD Online Master Classes – The Syllabus Design – Cloud-based Workflows:

TOOL PALETTES are of the Best CAD Standard Practices Whatsoever
Automation by Sophisticated Template Files
Can’t Really Think of CAD Standards without a Bunch of Meticulous Template Files
A series of 3 AutoCAD Online Master Classes – The Syllabus Design – Cloud-based Workflows
SHEET SETS Will turn you into a “White Collar” at all times – Save you hard work, prevent errors and control & Manage your Project from within AutoCAD

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