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AutoCAD’s best Text Alignment practice

AutoCAD’s best Text Alignment practice can be implemented on Single line texts, and Mtexts, disregarding various Justification Options. Implementing this will make the difference between a Professional Drawing and on created by an Amateur.

AutoCAD's best Text Alignment practice
The difference between a professional’s job and an amateur’s

Mtext has been through a lot and in the latest versions, it became a good paragraph editor with many options. Basically, multiple lines texts or paragraphs have now all the features needed to control your annotation including
Bullets & Numbers, a Tabulator, and most basic Word Processor features. Furthermore, the line spacing is controllable, You can Select a word, make it Bold, italic and/or Underlined.

You can Have Different Text Heights within a paragraph and what not. Click here to find out what will be The next step

AutoCAD’s best Text Alignment practice

can make the difference and utilizing this feature will help you create a professional drawing file and/or a great sheet. All in all, the feature is easy to use and we’ll deal with it in a moment.

Annotations, and I mean Textual, are basically of 3 kinds:

Single line Text is the oldest and the most primitive of the 3. You can have Text Objects from older drawing files, from Single Line text Creation (Using The Little Arrow under the Multiline Text Icon in the Annotate Ribbon – Text Panel or from exploding an Mtext.

Multiline Text is a much more Robust Annotation Option that behaves as a mini-word-processor. In Addition to the features appended in the latest versions, you have the ability to use a Frame for the Mtext. You can Have a Mtext from the feature or by exploding a Multileader.

Multileader is the newest and most sophisticated of the 3:
You can add leaders to a multileader, control landing gaps have it framed or unframed and selct between 3 options for the leader: Mtext, Block or None (Behaves like an old leader). Of course, a Multileader with no leader will behave like a sophisticated Mtext.

Both Mtext & Multileader can be used to paste text from different sources and/or import text from an external source.

All the 3 share a common option of Insert Field which will quote from objects’ properties, from your PC, from documents and so forth.


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