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AutoCAD Training

Blended eLearning online AutoCAD Tutorials @ your own pace. Ready Programs, Modules and Sessions for those who want to work faster, better and easier in a State-of- the-Art Blended eLearning Framework. 

  • AutoCAD Automation Program (for experienced AutoCAD Users)
  • AutoCAD for Beginners
  • AutoCAD for Intermediates
  • Custom Tailored-Made Blended eLearning

The Benefits of Learning Online are getting clearer to most modern organizations:

  • No Time Wasted. Does not disrupt the daily routine – Up to one hour on a daily basis1 will do the magic. 
  • Huge didactic advantages due to daily sequence. Not mandatory but highly recommended!
  • All Live & Playback Sessions are not just recorded but Indexed as well, so you can easily locate a subject, a feature or a procedure not just once (now), but whenever you need it.
  • The program is not theoretic or academic. It’s highly practical, applicative & on-job- implementable.
  • You don’t need to go anywhere, or even be at the office to learn, you can use any PC with a good Internet connection and a pair of nice headphones/speakers/smartphone headset. 
  • The training is not based on memory, but on understanding.
  • You’ll never be left behind, we are constantly evaluating your progress (Checking on Assignments, replying to questions, etc.) and help you at any step by Tech Support and/or our unique Additional 30-600 minutes 1:1 Personal & Private Session2(s)

Our unique Benefits in general:

  1. Whether if an AutoCAD Novice or an experienced user, we have the right program for you.
  2. For Starters, we got the SHORTEST (e) LEARNING CURVE(s): Yet, most effective training, exercising          and implementing.
  3. We offer CONTEXTUAL DOWNLOADS: Training is executed on Best Practices Predefined Files.
  4. We are Interactive: Though the Live Session and/or the Playback Sessions are served to many, the         classes are individual and personal.
  5. Answers to Questions asked in the Tutorial context will be served to all in the form of additional videos. 
  6. All Lessons and Assignments are presented as a CLOUD WORKFLOW methodically driving you – From Start to END – along the Path of this unique Syllabus Design.
  7. We are so confident about the qualities we deliver that we offer 100% Satisfaction-Guaranty. If you complete the 1st 3 Sessions and complete your assignments and for any reason want to quit, we’ll refund. no-questions-asked

030-60 minutes according to the specific program

1 30 Minutes Daily Live-Session Class + up to 30 minutes Assignment(s) – Exercises

2 A single 60 minutes Session or, 2 X 30 minutes Session or, 3 X 20 Minutes Session or, 4 X 15 minutes Session,   whatever you need, when you need it by setting an appointment.