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AutoCAD Consulting

3 decades of CAD experience and a few dozens of CAD Standard designs, created the evolution of what I’m able to deliver these days:

A Modern Approach To CAD Standards

  • Built-in Standard Environment to create/edit Standard Data without Monitoring and/or Enforcement
  • Accessible Knowledge-Base in the Context of the Standard Environment
  • Easy and relatively short Implementation of the Standard Environment/The CAD Standard
  • CAD Standard Digital Documentation in Cloud Based Workflow(s) Framework

 A CAD Standard is a MANAGED Organization’s Template-Based collection of CAD Regulations that need to be Monitored and/or Enforced in order to comply with an Organization’s/a Project’s Standards.
AutoCAD Consulting

The Standard Environment and it’s relative CAD Standard deals with of 
all the following Conventions:

 Layers & Settings, Style Managed Features and Contents, Blocks and Symbology, Terminology, Drawing (and other) Template Files, Sheet Files and Reference Files. An Excellent Environment adds Built-In Best Practice Workflows and Procedures. Besides being compliant, the data will be accurate and precise, the tasks will be performed faster and all this will take care of Minimizing the Human -Error Feasibility to the Maximum. Approach me for further INFO: