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“Change my Clients’ Workflows causing a Paradigm Shift by distilling their CAD/BIM Knowledge Essence to Best-Practices-Oriented – so they work better,faster and easier in a much more productive, automated and Standard Built-In Environment”


“Always focused on the End-User’s Mindset, it’s a must to create a much more FUN Environment causing her/him to adopt it by their Free Will creating a larger Comfort-Zone. All this is by-far, better than any known enforcement method.”


“The Management’s objectives such as Productivity, Automation and  Minimizing Human- Error Feasibility, etc. – Derive (all) in shape of By-Product(s) derivatives.”

What and How?

It’s my belief that a great knowledge program will always consist in all the following:

  • Live-Hands-on-Online Sessions or Blended Online/Offline
  • Indexed recordings of the Sessions
  • Contextual downloads
  • An eBook (mostly Video) with alternative explanations
  • A program workflow framework

Tech support in the topics’ contextsgreen

Didactic quality forces me to present a 3-4 times a week modular program with non-dictated chronological order. You have full freedom to select specific sessions to entire modules. You can select the modules you need or opt for a full program…

Here are some of the modules for AutoCAD Users with a certain level of experience:

  • Project Management by Sheet Set(s)

Tired of downtime AutoCAD Work?
Hate messing with sheets and title blocks?  Stop right there!
Forget about publishing and transmittals, Let us familiarize you with THE Environment that will boost your productivity by far, automate you workflows and ‘magically’ comply with your CAD Standard(s):

  • Single click global manipulations (Plotting/Publishing/Transmitting),
  • Global Project Properties from singular control points (for entire Set, Subsets and Specific Sheets)
  • CAD Standard Catalyzing, Automation and Productivity,
  • Alternative & Easier Managed External Referencing through the Model Views feature and much more in this Module 
  • CAD Standard by Creation of a Standard Environment

Why work hard to create CAD Standard compliant contents?

Get familiar with the standard environment which will let you create standard data in the 1st place. Managed and Controlled environments are better, stronger and faster than any alternatives that will cost time, effort and won’t necessarily switch you contents to be compliant

  • Best Annotation Features Practices in AutoCAD

Why waste your precious time creating and managing different scale compliant Annotations (Texts, Mtexts, Multileaders and Dimensions), hatch patterns, symbolic blocks and attributes. Get familiar with the Annotative features and create data only once – but – with full location domain.

  • The Fast and The Furious AutoCAD – by Parametric Features

Want to work faster yet being precise and accurate? It’s about time to implement the Parametric Features:

  • Geometric constrains that force Geometry to “behave” as you expect it to.
  • Dimensional Constrains will edit the Geometry for you just by stating a value or calculate one. You’ll be surprised about Accuracy and Precision!
  • Create any user function by getting to know the parameters manager. 
  • How to deal with External Data and survive

Many times you’ll find yourself working on external data because you must keep up and prefer to deal with external data rather than reject it since it’s not compliant with the Project CAD Standard. Personally, I always preferred where to volunteer…

Learn to override external data conflicts and to create the right procedures to make all the data flow as if it was yours…