The time has come for the 4G CAD Standards. After more than 3 decades of  PC CAD, any CAD Manager knows that the big headache is about Standards Enforcement.  As a PART TIME CAD MGR., I would opt for a CLEANSCREEN AutoCAD + A Series of tool palettes with no other access to Ribbons and Panels. Not only solving Screen Real Estate Issues, but offering a Framework driven environment that dictates the processes and workflows found as the Best of CAD Practices reflecting the company’s specifics. Can start with a Palette assigned to Sketching and Conceptual/Preliminary and then move on & on adding the respective tools to the right palettes…

4G CAD Standards
Great Screen REAL Estate Mgmt.
4G CAD Standards
Same Option while Hovering your mouse over the Palettes

4G CAD Standards – The Principle

In a DATA Management Context – a-priori – No doubt that Monitoring and Enforcements are Failing: Built upon the CAD User’s responsibility and mostly perceived as a burden as to everyday’s work. Some kind of an “extra-set-of-tasks demanded by technocrats“. Instead, 4G Cad Standards are a toolset to assist the CAD User working Better, Faster and Easier while the 4G CAD Standard takes care of itself! This is an Automated-Managed-AutoCAD-Vanilla environment that will create Standard Data by default, in the 1st place. Furthermore, it will easily migrate to the next version.

4G CAD Standards Criteria:

After a 3 decades relationship with AutoCAD, I differ between 2 kinds of AutoCAD: The Productive AutoCAD, in which we create Standard Data in Singular Steps that simulate domino effect and the Non-Productive – All the other: For Example if You Insert a Block and then place in the Standard Layer – 1 non-productive action was taken, not systematically and forgettable. Even more non productive? Create an Annotation: Select The LAYER & the STYLE, and then type… 2 non-productive actions: Layer & Style both not systematic and forgettable…not mentioning the text height…

So, after those clear examples I can stand that: ONLY Using Productive AutoCAD will get us Productive. All Actions like Visits to the LAYER PROPERTIES MANAGER, The EXTERNAL REFERENCE MANAGER, etc., are definitely Non-Productive since they create no data at all and no objects are being created.

The best thing to do is consider the Standard Environment as a Built-into AutoCAD CAD Standard Automation, The Sooner the Better.

If You’d like to get the notion, better Enroll/Engage/Register to The 4G CAD Standard Intro-Webinar HERE

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