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Oportunity Window

Window of opportunity?

In AutoCAD, among other features, “Window” is a Plotting option isn’t it? As a matter of fact it’s not just a Plotting Option: it’s a symptom: It’s a Window of opportunity!

A few days ago, I got a google form in a Focus Group I manage in order to determine the contents and pricing of a new service. The form had answers to 10 questions the Focus Group Members were asked:

More than 20% Plot from the Model | About 40% Use the same file as Sheet File and Reference File since…| 80% !!! of the AutoCAD Users were never before exposed to the View Command!!!


A window of opportunity" It's time for me to...

…Pay it Forward“, for me, it means to teach everything I know about CAD Management, sharing my experience and my insights:

Your Window of opportunity to become a CAD Manager:

Window of Opportunity

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“I Want to be a CAD Manager” is a live Training Course built exactly for You:

10 Modules:

  1. Knowledge Alignment
  2. CAD Standard(s)
  3. Standard Environment(s)
  4. Parameters Management
  5. Project Management
  6. Annotations & Annotative Features
  7. Parametric Design
  8. Data Extraction – Data Linking
  9. Extra Tools
  10. Troubleshooting AutoCAD Files

50 + Sessions

Daily 30-40 minutes sessions (Monday to Friday) | One-on-One 60 minutes Session | eBook containing all Videos & Session Recordings (accessible 24/7/365) | File Library (Contents/Templates, etc.)

The Double Session Agenda:

Session #1

Precision & Accuracy at the price of low-level drafting

  • Create Best-Practice Linework – Tray Modes, Sysvars, Infer Constraints + Polylines
  • Turn Draft into State-of-the-Art
  • Data Re-Use in context of Precision

The Polyline Option – Why is it the (best) Only Option?

  • All the reasons intro
  • All reasons Video
  • Different ways to deal with Polylines (Filleting, Nested Polyline + Block w/ quoting Attribute Values)

Session #2

Must Use Command – “Named View” – The best Domino-Effect in AutoCAD

  • Manage Annotation Scale(s) | UCS | Layer Configuration etc.
  • Turn any DWG into a Model View – Reference File (in the context of the Sheet Set Manager)

Multiple Features:

  • Multileaders – Best Text Option (tool[s] context)
  • Multiline Attributes
  • Pedit + Multiple option


  • Fields & Attributes – Nested to explode
  • Minimalistic Dynamics – Why not using the Block Editor is not an option
  • Block Best Practices – Terms & Conditions
  • Block Conflict Resolving

A Few Words about the Syllabus, CAD Standards of the 5th Generation and more…


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