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CAD Management Robot?

What's between CAD Management and AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

These days I celebrate 3.25 years as CAD Manager in a Mega Project. I Have some insights I’ll be sharing soon but, it it seems that it’s time to Reinvent myself again:
Transition CAD Management from Humans to Robots…

CAD Management Robot?

Why move CAD management to AI?

  • 1st, CAD Management (& BIM Administration) is expensive. CAD enforcement will demand precious time and affect Schedules.

  • CAD Management – Designer Iterations are limited by working hours. Maintaining a 24/7/365 option costs, are not really an option

  • These have consequences: High cost due to delays, malpractices, lawsuits exposure, etc. Furthermore….

  • ..At the end of the day (Design Phase or more likely, As-Built/As-Made Phase), Bad Shape files won’t properly migrate to NEXT-STEP-SYSTEMS such as GIS Based Assets &/or Facilities MGMT.

AI in the CAD Management Robot

Simply as Google, Amazon, Netflix or Spotify:

Based on the Game Theory  – Using Mathematical Models to interact with Decision Makers – In our Case Through Use of CAD Standard Compliant vs Non-Compliant files.

Creating AI Engines could revolutionize the way Document comply with Standards but here are some basic assumptions about the results:

  1. Automated Service will Minimize Server-Designer iterations from Multiple to Singular and will be available 24/7/365 Significantly shortening CAD/BIM Related Issues & letting the designer to better focus on the design.
  2. One Project Focal Point will interact w/the System till the CAD Standard is Complete (At the beginning of the project).
  3.  When Ready the Robot will automatically FIX all that can be automated and lead the Designer through a Session in which it will guide the designer on Fixes that can be implemented only by the Designer.

The CAD Management Robot Project is fascinating ..!..!!

Being part of a Team that is going to really take Decades of accumulative knowledge and Pay it forward is overwhelming!

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