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“Pay it Forward” – Live Online Training Course: I Want 2 B a CAD Manager

Pay it Forward was a great film.

Now I feel very much mature about the fact that my knowledge has to move forward.

These Days, I’m busy designing a Live Online Training Course that is going to be served in a special format:

Pay it Forward

  • Daily 20-30 Minutes of Live Sessions.
  • 24/7/365 Access to All Sessions Recordings for 12 months.
  • Tech Support in the Context of the Course Material – 90% Of Your Questions will be replied by Video whether asked during a session or between sessions.
  • Tech Support Continuity: 45 days from the Last Session.
  • One-on-one 45 minutes personal session.
  • A Course Digital Notebook with extras (Minimum of Texts Maximum of Videos).

Pay it Forward – A Great Responsibility

 After several times of re-inventing my approach towards CAD Management several times, I find it now as
State-of-the Art and ready to “Pay it Forward”.
A new, young generation to match CAD Standards G5, will graduate in 50 Daily Sessions and start functioning as a CAD Manager in a short period of time

Pay it Forward – The Advantages

I love to design Sillabi (Plural of Syllabus): It’s my mission to Shorten Learning Curves by Distilling every Command, feature or tool to it’s Best Practice Usage only – saving tons of unnecessary options.
I love the idea of turning every possible Command &/or Feature  into a TOOL. I prefer all the “Domino Effect” Procedures, Managed and Productive, not just automatic whenever possible, but minimizing human-error-feasibility that exists in every software environment that doesn’t seriously and vigorously deal with it.

I Want 2 B a (Auto)CAD Manager – What Would You Become?

  1. A CAD Manager who is not just the CAD Authority in the office & the Project(s) but a real leader – not just a Manager by title.
  2. A CAD Problem Solver, Knowledge & Solutions Provider to all the End-Users.
  3. A Standard Environment Designer that creates, deploys, maintain and upgrade everybody’s Workspace.
  4. A Content Creator & Supplier
  5. A Mentor & a Tutor for all your colleagues and co-workers.

I Want 2 B a (Auto)CAD Manager- When?

I intend to start in the coming Q IV – Stay Tuned

The SHORT Version of the Syllabus can be found HERE

See You Online

Danny Korem from | “Distilling Exactly the CAD Knowledge of Your NEEDS”