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Achieve a State-of-the-Art CAD Standard

Maybe, after all these years, time has come to try a new kind of CAD Standard.

To achieve a State-of-the-Art CAD Standard is not a book or an endless series of tedious tasks needed to turn your data into CAD-Standard-Compliant; But this is only my basic assumption.

Achieve a State-of-the-Art CAD Standard
achieve-a-state-of-the-art-cad-standard-cad-standard-5g: From Command to Tools – One main component to achieve State-of-the-Art CAD Standard

On the contrary, I believe that with less clicks, easier work and faster results, all of the data must be Standard Compliant from “Square 1”.

This achievement – anything but trivial – is the result of several Paradigm Shifts:

  1. The first one is switching from mixed use of commands, properties, features, etc. into exclusive use of Tools (Managed AutoCAD Features).
    . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. The second is my best (practice) collection of software parameters (AutoCAD Setvars) that might be implemented into files by a click of a button, turning non-standard files into CAD-Standard-Compliant with – “No-Sweat”.
    . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. The 3rd part is strongly connected to Outputs (where the presence of the CAD Standard becomes visible). Standardising and automating by the use of Sheet Set (AutoCAD-Project) Management.
    . . . . . . . . . . .

All these main components will deliver Standard Data that is not “specific-end-user-recognisable”. Those are the components that consist in the Standard Environment Workspace.

One way to Achieve a State-of-the-Art CAD Standard is all about the knowledge

I wrote “not a book or an endless series of tedious tasks” so what do i suggest? In order to avoid books, booklets and/or other documents to instruct the CAD User on each and every Standard, built-in video integral with the Tools within the Tool Palettes. All these videos are in the context of the specific tool.

Each User, whether a veteran or a rookie, can watch, read and listen on how to create/edit data using the tools without wasting energy on Layers, Styles and Software Parameters whatsoever.

OK, so I caught your interest…Can i Have your attention?

While trying to Achieve a State-of-the-Art CAD Standard, the question is – “WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP?”

There are two main options:

The first, is to let me create, manage, deploy and maintain the CAD Standard Environment of your choice

The second is to learn to do it in-house

What do you prefer? Please Comment/Share

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