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Dealing with Multiple CAD Standards

Multiple CAD Standards demand a very special approach: I just finished a meeting with 2 Lead Designers at my Client’s. While taking some notes, a though crossed my mind…

Multiple CAD Standards - Maybe by Profile?
Multiple CAD Standards – Maybe by Profile? my sub-concsience I was ellaborating my options…

I could tell the difference between the 2 Design Leaders. But what do they share? They both have the common view that the actual CAD Standards should be upgraded, the sooner the better. Each one of them, is preoccupied by common issues such as, Version Management, Templates, Linetype Measurement and so on and so forth. All in all, those 2 guys suffer from the same typical problems that mostly slow-down the large files with heavyweight XREF attachments, excessive Annotation Scales, Unreconciled New Layers and much more.

Dealing with Multiple CAD Standards I

Basically, we could create a set of profiles and select the proper one fitting a mission that demands a specific CAD Standard as dictated by a Project or a Client (of theirs). By moving between profiles, I can load a Tool Palette Group in which, the tools will be creating the data to be CAD Standard compliant in the 1st place. I could live with that. That means creating a few Standard Environments and could be easily implemented in such a way that could link between the Tools and the Specific Standard. Though it’s OLD-SCHOOL, it’s OK in this case since no AutoCAD LT is present. It could and should be totally Idiot-Proof!

Dealing with Multiple CAD Standards II

The 2nd though was presented by the second guy: “What if we have only one generic CAD Standard and after we are ready to deploy, we use an automatic procedure to make it compliant with a specific CAD Standard for a specific Project or a specific Client?” – he asked. “I could live with it” I said and then I told him that I need to do some flowchart homework to evaluate it but I guess this method might be more appealing to the end-users…

Before doing my homework and proposing to the executives, I can imagine that the solution will consist in some mix of those two..


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