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manage the project or not, that is the question

Manage the project – It is definitely better ,isn’t it?
You want to be productive, you want to automate and you want the work to be standard compliant. This is an Axiom, a basic assumption of mine. So I got fastidious on this CAD Standard Catalyzing Mechanism called the Sheet Set Manager and decided that it’s about time, I’ll make it a lot more popular among AutoCAD Users.

manage the Project
Manage the Projects in the AutoCAD Environment


To manage the project – All You Can Get…

The Sheets Sets are around since 2005. They have a long list of benefits:

  • Global Manipulations on the Set &/or its Subsets – Full Automation of Plotting & Publishing, Transmitting and Archiving. Totally get rid of “Blue Collar” Work by automating.
  • Full Automation of Titles and Title-Blocks, Sheet referencing, etc.
  • Built-In Dynamic Sheet List creation (Updates when a sheet is added, modified or removed from a set.
  • Individual Sheet Publishing Approval (include/exclude when publishing)
  • Single Sheet Rename & Renumber functionality
  • Robust Model View Placement from within Reference Files
  • Easiest Navigation ever for both Sheet Files & Reference Files
  • Specific Sheets – Named Selections
  • More…

After 12 Versions, the Sheet Set Manager’s GUI hasn’t changed. The User Experience is the same it was 12 Years ago, the Wizard is Terrible and still, the system is one of the greatest within AutoCAD:

  1. It creates the right CAD,
  2. it saves a lot of time,
  3. It minimizes human error feasibility
  4. And it boosts CAD Standards.

MASTERING the SHEET SETS to Manage the Project in AutoCAD

I divided my MASTER CLASS Syllabus into 3 main parts:

  1. Sheet Set Template suiting your Project Needs: Design Disciplines, Design Phases, etc.
  2. Predefined Layouts w/Attached Page Setups, Graphics, Title Blocks as Sheet Creation Templates
  3. Model Views  – How a DWG turns into a REFERENCE FILE and its Named Views turn into MODEL VIEWS

Manage the Project – HOW does the Master Class make sure of its optimal results?

Each part is 30 minutes long. All Parts will be put in an Online Workflow (Autodesk Praxis – You need an Autodesk ID for 24/7/365 Access), the Videos will be indexed for easy reach of a specific frame
Contextual Downloads (Templates) are Available for Easy Implementation – Customizing the Templates will save TIME and suit your Needs
TECH Support (Any question in the context will be replied in the Praxis Workflow Framework in the Q&A section) for the 10 Following Working days is available to get serious and master all the covered contents of the Master Class.


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