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Is your AutoCAD CAD Standard in great shape?

 a burden for the AutoCAD User .?.??. Not necessarily
CAD Standards, are there to bring a boost of productivity, let easier sharing of tasks within standard files and save time and money. A Proper AutoCAD CAD Standard will let you avoid downtime AutoCAD work keeping your focus on production.

Standard Environment - A Moderm Approach to the AutoCAD CAD Standard

AutoCAD CAD Standard Self Assessment Quest

Here are 5  questions that will let you self-assess your CAD Standard

  1. How often do you deal with styles (dimension styles, text styles, multileader styles, Table style, etc.)? Are your styles managed in the AutoCAD CAD Standard Framework?

    NEVER = 5 | Once in a while (Only in the Template files framework) = 4-5 | From time to time (once in a project) = 3 | Weekly = 2 | Daily = 1

  2. How often do you treat TITLES & TITLE BLOCKS – Are tose managed via an AutoCAD CAD Standard Procedure?

    NEVER = 5 |When Setting Up  a New project = 4-5 | Once @ each Stage/Milestone/Phase= 3 |Whenever  A Sheet is to be updated= 2 | For each Layout I plot/Publish = 1

  3. How Frequent are your visits to the LAYER PROPERTIES MANAGER? – Does  the AutoCAD CAD Standard support the LAYER Management?

    Never there = 5 | Rarely and only in the Template ‘s framework = 4-5 | When dealing with External References = 3 | When Working with Blocks = 2 | A Few Times a day = 1

  4. How Often do you create new contents (Blocks, Geometric, Symbolic, Dynamic, etc.)? Are all contents COMPLIANT with Your AutoCAD CAD Standard?

    Never, It’s The CAD MANAGER’S Job = 5 | Rarely and only in the Content File’s framework = 4-5 | When I cannot find what I’m looking for = 3 | When Working with New Projects = 2 | A Few Times a day = 1

  5. How frequently you find yourself typing (Annotations: Text, Mtext, Multileader)? – Can you think about a CAD Standard Compliant shortcut procedure in out-of-the-Box?

    NEVER, We have a Predefined-typed Annotations Library = 5 | Sometimes – Only Editing existing Annotations = 4 | I pass my handwriting to another CAD Operator = 3 |  Every now and then = 2 | Several Times a day = 1

Your AutoCAD CAD Standard Scores

25 points – Your AutoCAD CAD Standard is great – don’t touch it!

20 points – Very good – needs some final touches

15 points – Needs some serious revision

10 points – Poor, time consuming, great deal of  AutoCAD downtime – Needs some serious thought about CAD Standards

Less than 10 points – Time for a change, a major one!

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