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What We Do


Ready Programs, Modules and Sessions for those who want to work faster, better and easier in a State-of-the-Art Blended eLearning Framework:
Automation Program
Custom Tailor Made Blended eLearning


Online Session and/or File Transfer Excellent Support on AutoCAD Issues that cannot be solved @ any other place:
Task contextual, File contextual, knowledge Contextual in various frameworks.


Project based strategy, Project Mgmt., CAD Standard Design, Workflows & Procedures Automation in the AutoCAD environment and Part Time CAD Management

"SCIENTIA POTENTIA EST" (Knowledge is Power)
Sir Francis Bacon

About Us in a Few Words

In 3 Words: A CAD Knowledge Distillery – In A FEW: AutoCAD Live Online Masterclasses, Focused on Automation, Productivity and Minimizing Human-Error Feasibility (Which none of our competitors dare to deal with). The Programs are not theoretic or academic but practical, applicative and On-Job Implementable. We offer a certain level of interactivity: monitoring your progress and offering contextual tech support. Consulting – Project based strategy, CAD Standard Design, etc. Tech Support: Challenge us with problems nobody could solve…

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